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Personalisation and Recommendation Ecosystem developed by Broadcasters for Broadcasters

The right content at the right time for the right person on the right device

Leverage AI and Machine Learning to shape a compelling user experience for your users! Surface quality content from the archive and identify trending to engage newcomers. Create a unique experience, and make your product more personal, to engage with your audience on your digital platforms more efficiently. Enable users as well as editors to discover the hidden gems of your cast catalogue.

As broadcasters are faced with competition from multinational online-giants and looking for ways to increase reach and relevance efficiently, the European Broadcasting Union is working with its Members to deliver the most relevant content to each user.

A flexible ecosystem for the digital transformation

PEACH Ecosystem

PEACH is very flexible - You can adopt the services and features that you need now while preserving existing services like your own Single Sign-On, or your data collection service. Or you can use all services, which are designed to work together. No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, PEACH services can help you move forward faster, with the support of experts and a living community.

Iterate quickly - Since we build the whole platform together, new requirements are our daily bread. Business rules to fit your business goals can easily be implemented and released in production in minutes. No need for you to wait for the end of the next development cycle.

Explore the right route - Commercial products are not always a good fit for Public Service Media. They are devised to maximise clicks, possibly at the expanse of diversity. Their business model might not suit you. Their opaque behaviour is often a concern. Why not use a solution that you own, understand and control?

Proven solution

  • Used by many Broadcasters in production
  • Algorithms for audio, videos, clips, programs, article and more
  • Collecting more than 20 million events per day
  • Serving more than 1 million unique users every day
  • Javascript and mobile libraries to ease the integration
  • On all platforms : web / iOS / Android / Android TV / ...
  • Easy setup: be in production in a few days!

Be in control

Tame the algorithms

No Black box should be your editorial line. Keeping control over the algorithms driving content delivery is critical for Public Service Media, not only to maintain editorial independence and impartiality but also to live up to the trust placed in them by the public in today's data-driven world.

Own the data

As public service, we value our users and their rights. Following European laws (GDPR) and best practices, PEACH allows you to create innovative products, leveraging data provided by users, collected with their consent. No need to choose between leaking data to third-party or making compelling products!

A collaborative approach

Public Broadcasters ARD (Germany), BR (Germany), RTP (Portugal), SR (Sweden), TG4 (Ireland) and others have joined up around the EBU's PEACH project (Personalisation for EACH), a collaborative effort to co-develop the required services fitting their business needs.

We are passionate - The PEACH Community is a unique source of inspiration and experiences. Together, we brainstorm, experiment, design and deploy unique and compelling services to improve our digital platforms. We learn from each other and help each other to increase the value that we deliver to our audience restlessly.

In production

The entire chain of components is developed by the PEACH team using latest Open Source technologies and is today used in production by:

  • ARD (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Germany) : ARD Audiothek and associated mobile apps
  • BR (Bayerische Rundfunk - Germany) : BR Mediathek and associated mobile apps
  • SR (Sveriges Radio - Sweden) : mobile apps
  • TG4 (Teilifís Gaeilge Ceathair - Ireland) : TG4 portal
  • RTP (Rádio e Televisão de Portugal - Portugal) : RTP Play
  • UR (Sveriges Utbildningsradio - Sweden) : UR Play

It is a continuously improving project thanks to the involvement of multiple Members, which input requirements and contribute to the overall functionality. Also it is important to notice that EBU is able to provide parts of the stack and data pipeline as services directly to its Members.