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GDPR manager

In Europe, we have GDPR which ensures users have rights.

The GDPR manager integrates with our SSO and other user services to enable users to:

  • Retrieve a copy of their data, spread over the different services
  • Delete their data, spread over the different services

Both process can be initiated by the user. The user receives an email when the process starts, and when the process has ended.

The downloaded archive of user data contains data in JSON format, as well as a locally displayable HTML archive, so that the user can browse his history or review his profile without the need for technical skills or specific tools.

The GDPR Manager is not limited to interact with only PEACH services. If you have or create your own services, you can integrate them with GDPR Manager by providing it with the required interface.

You can create an account and try it out on our Live Demo.

See also our Swagger.