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Bookmarks service demonstration page

User playlists & bookmarks

Bookmarks are simply media contents a user chose to save as a favourite for instance, or to be able to watch it later. These bookmarks are saved within a playlist, which is basically an array of bookmarks.

Updating a user's bookmarks

To be able to create a bookmark, a playlist should first be created. This playlist contains few informations: - the playlist id - a name - a system flag

Then a bookmark can be created to save a user content. A bookmarks is composed of: - a bookmark id - a creation date - a media_id

The Bookmarks service is responsible of: - creating a playlist. - deleting a playlist. - creating a new bookmark at the top of the related playlist regarding the creation date. - deleting bookmarks.

Saving bookmarks

The Bookmarks service returns playlists and bookmarks. Any bookmark can be added to a playlist, and there is no limitation regarding the number of elements in a playlist. For each bookmarks, the API returns its creation date and the related media id if you want to display/use it.

Try it

In order to test the Bookmarks service a demo page is available here: (

To test the demo create an account (login if you already have one). Then, next to a video, you can click the yellow star to be able to add the video to an existing playlist or create a new one. You can check your playlists clicking on the well named playlists menu. Here either click on a playlist to display its related bookmarks or remove one clicking on the red trash button. Bookmarks are displayed as a list of videos, and you can remove each of them from the playlist clicking on the red cross next to each player.

Source code is available here