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Storing topics in Codex

It is possible to store topics in Codex and then Spectrum will display them if they are stored in following format:

topics: {
  name_of_topic_extractor: [
      id: 0001,
      title: "Boktjuven (film)", 
      link: "",
      source: "title",
      score: 0.456 
  name_of_topic_extractor2: [...]  

name_of_topic_extractor is a string to identify how the set of topics was created. The value related to this key will be an array of topics that can be defined like this :

(* mandatory, + optional)

Attribute Description
id * A unique id for the topic
title * The name of the topic
link + External link related to the topic (Wikipedia page for example)
source + From which part of the item this topic was extracted. title, text or transcript
score + How much the topic is related to the article. Value between 0 and 1